Protecting the oceans and people for future
generations with gardens on the sea.

Tekmara is building a vertically integrated business focused on helping communities quench, feed, and empower people to partner with and protect the ocean. Founded in 2022, Tekmara’s technology enables companies innovative, ocean-forward solutions to achieve their ESG and Sustainability goals.


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Stop Coastal Erosion

Putting an end to the millions of pounds dumped into our ocean via riverways.

Stop pollution

Putting an end to the millions of pounds dumped into our ocean via riverways.


Global Temperature


Since 1880

Arctic Ice Minimum


Percent Per

Sea Level


Per Year

Stabilizing The Climate

Drive towards sustainable ocean climate work. Partner with countries who desire to change coastal erosion.

Alternative energy use

Wave power has been talked about for years. TEKMARA has numerous solutions to solve the wave power challenge.

Falling in love with people

Making sure people around the world see the impact of a healthy ocean. We need this planet more than mars!

We Have Achieved Tangible Results In Environmental Protection

Todd Kleperis


Todd is an accomplished serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in both the US & Asia Pacific markets. His passion for the ocean led him & his team to create the OPOD which uses salt water to grow plants on the ocean. Prior to TEKMARA, Todd worked on the ocean with Liquid Robotics creating one of the largest robotic networks on the planet to help detect storms, monitor coastlines, and protect the ocean. He has also been featured in the NY Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and international news. His vision is to help save the ocean one garden at a time.

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Our path is to create the worlds first coastal protection system, from coastal erosion to kelp production.
All done with wave power and robotics.


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